Rediscovering Sabbath


We live in a culture driven by constant activity and business. The thought of resting a whole day every week might even sound scary to us as we all are affected by the pressure to do , connect and achieve.

How can we learn to stop? What lies at the heart of God’s commandment and this ancient practice of holding weekly Sabbath? Is it more than taking a break? How can we weave a new rhythm into the current patterns of our lives?

A retreat that invites participants to explore the deeper meaning of entering into God’s Sabbath rest and how this spiritual discipline can radically change our life. 

​This retreat will be offered at 

the Northumbria Community from 20-22 September 2019

Hearing the Voice of the Beloved

 ​A time  to explore and deepen some of the many ways the Beloved talks to us and can be found in all things.

This retreat will look at creative ways of tuning ourselves into God’s love song that resounds in our hearts, the melody beyond the melodies and the word beyond words, in silence and sharing, alone and together, embedded in a rhythm of praying the Daily Office of the Northumbria Community. 

Tending the Garden of Our Soul


Throughout the Old and New Testament, Scripture often uses metaphors taken from the natural world to describe the inner journey we take as we walk through life. What does working the soil, planting, growing and harvesting teach us about cultivating the garden of our soul?

Participants on this retreat will relate with creation in tangible and experiential ways in order to make a connection between the outer and the inner world, understand themselves better and grow in awareness of how they can tend to their own inner being in cooperation with the Creator. 

Embracing & Celebrating Being Single


​A retreat to explore questions, struggles and blessings in relation to being single and seeking to find God’s love in one’s situation in life, alone and together.

There will be time for teaching, sharing, silence and celebration, held in a rhythm of prayer.

A retreat for single women, whether divorced, unmarried or widowed.​

What other's say


"I came away knowing that I have become aware of another way of listening to God (...) having learned something more about the way I tick and about discovering that there is so much more to learn both about myself and above all about God."

"Christine was a steady and insightful leader. She didn't cram us with teaching, but less is more. Her gentle, slow, approach facilitated a richness of God's blessing".

​"Thank you so much for your wise and gentle leading.... it's been gold-dust!"​

"Excellent content with good mix of scripture, wisdom from others, and personal experience... interwoven with group and personal reflection - and good amount of personal space"