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"Capacity for Life"  is the name I have given my ministry of retreat leading, Spiritual Direction and writing. 

My name is Christine Strohmeier. Born and raised in Germany, I  followed God's call and moved to London in 2004.  Through many circumstances I increasingly struggled with church as I knew it and always had been involved with since meeting Jesus in a personal way, when I was 15.   After years of searching, I found my spiritual home in the Northumbria Community, a dispersed, new monastic Community rooted in Celtic Spirituality.  The Community has given me the sense that I am not alone in having embraced a much more contemplative approach to my faith.  I became a Companion in 2015 and have renewed my vows of availability and vulnerability since.  

Silence, stillness and creative expressions of my spirituality have become increasingly important to me, connecting head and heart and helping me access the reality of "God within me".  I have been going on annual, silent retreats for many years now and in 2017, I did the 30-day Ignatian "Full Spiritual Exercises", a silent retreat in which I journeyed with the human Christ, contemplating his incarnation, ministry, death and resurrection. A life-changing experience!

 In 2014, I published my first book of prayer-poems, "My little Dandelion".

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Spiritual Direction

It's my passion to come alongside and journey with others who are seeking God.  One of the ways I do this is by offering Spiritual Direction.

 I am based in South West London. 

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Retreats give us an opportunity to slow down and take time to look, smell, taste, touch and listen:  to ourselves and God. I  currently offer themed retreats at the home of the Northumbria Community, 

Nether Springs, near Alnwick 

and at Penhurst Retreat Centre, near Battle.

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I recently finished reading Martin Laird's "Ocean of Light", his third book on Silence and Contemplation. Just as his "Into the Silent Land" and "A Sunlit Absence", it is one to go back to time and again - and practice! He reminds us that "all of the joys and difficulties of life, be they cause for rejoicing, utterly mundane, or completely derailing are the prayer bench, the chair". Whether we are stuck in traffic, waiting in the queue in the supermarket, miss a train or do the dishes at home - all can become an opportunity for silent prayer and to just be in the moment. All of our life can be a stepping stone to connect with the silence that is within us and draws us into the Greater Being.