Spiritual Direction



Spiritual Direction has been described as "holy listening",  which enables us to share from our heart and bring all of our life into the light of God's unconditional love.  

Normally a "director" and "directee" meet every 4-6 weeks for an hour.  



As the process continues, I know from my own experience of Spiritual Direction, I discover more and more about God and myself which always goes hand in hand.  Sometimes, that can be challenging, particularly when I come in touch with aspects of myself I'd rather not see. But it's particularly in those places that I am finding myself loved again by God, and so I am getting in touch with God's love more deeply at the same time. Being listened to in a sacred space on a regular basis enables me to listen more deeply to what is stirring inside my being and I become increasingly aware what God's invitation might be for me right now.   



The regular encounter with someone who listens  deeply in an atmosphere of acceptance in God's presence supports me to recognise and respond to God's movements in my life  and  that in turn deepens my relationship with Him/Her. 

It always will be my journey and it is down to me to seek God for myself "in the cell of my own heart" as we say in the Northumbria Community. But to have a compassionate "other" who listens attentively to what I share opens up another dimension in my seeking. In some mysterious way, God's Spirit in me responds to God's Spirit in the other person, and out of this encounter flows the life of Christ and reaches my innermost being anew. 

My background


I am a Social Worker by background and listening has been a core element of my practice.  Throughout my long faith journey I have accompanied and worked with people in different contexts and from different backgrounds and have attended a variety of courses over the years, both in England and Germany.

I have completed the fist year of the Encounter course at the London Centre  for Spiritual Direction 

My own experience of being in Spiritual Direction has also given me lasting insights and I have received many blessings in that process without which I would not have grown and changed as I have. There is so much to receive in making ourselves vulnerable  in our sharing and being held in the love of God by another human being who journeys with us towards a deepening of faith, hope and love. 



If you are looking for a Spiritual Director and feel we could work together, then have a look under the Contacts page how to connect, and we can take it from there.